Saturday, June 18, 2011

Transformers: Ironhide TPB

I can’t even remember how Ironhide died, but I’m glad he’s back. Mike Costa takes an interesting approach in his resurrection of Ironhide; this version is based on memories pre-Earth. This re-built Ironhide remembers all his days as an Autobot, but only until he suffered massive damage and was “backed up.” So when he meets up with a damaged comrade on the surface of Cybertron, it’s up to that character to bring Ironhide up to speed.

I enjoyed the inclusion of Alpha Trion and the other surprise Autobot. My brother had the toy of this character, so I recognized the small, quiet ‘bot that leads Ironhide around the city.

With the insecticon horde as the main antagonists in the present, it’s a wise choice to include so many flashbacks. There are a ton of cameos of classic characters in this trade. Many of them are characters we haven’t seen much of in the series so far, including Bluestreak, Windcharger, Hound, Drag Strip, and the dead-in-the-present Outback. Man, I do want to see more of these guys! Half the reason I read the Transformers comics are for the glimpses of all those old toys.

The art is slick; everything I want in a Transformers comic. Ironhide’s rebuilt design is sleek and yet still recalls the look of his Earth-van mode. Again, the best part is how great Hound, Windcharger, and the rest look in their brief appearances.


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