Friday, June 10, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: Headmasters (1987)

Man, I remember when this came out, how confused I was. Where are all the core Transformers? Why should I care about any of these new weirdo robots? Let’s see if it holds up better now…

Issues 1-4: Bob Budiansky gives it the old college try, but man, Nebulos, the setting for this series, is so silly. I understand the need to bond a humanoid with the Transformers to create a new breed of toy, but the whole concept works a lot better after some Earth-folks get involved.

Fortress Maximus chooses a bit of a coward’s option when he leads his faction of Autobots off Cybertron (his crew includes the Headmasters, Technobots, and Target Masters). Naturally, Skorponok follows since he wants them all dead. In the end, they all end up just going to Earth anyways!

Frank Springer’s art is decent, but the colors are constantly bleeding out of the lines. The printing in these 80’s-era comics is awful.

I did like seeing the Terrorcons and Technobots face off, but the only real reason I’m holding on to these issues is my desire for a complete run of Marvel Transformers. KEEP

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Devin said...

I always liked this series just because it was exciting to have a spinoff mini running with the main book. And the technobots were cool toys too.

But it irritated me that Fort Max and Optimus seemed to chose the "we surrender and sacrifice ourselves to save the fleshlings" strategy way too often.