Saturday, June 25, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: Team Titans (1992)

Comics on the Bubble: Team Titans

Wow. This comic is BAD. I had forgotten how awful Marv Wolfman's work was on this title at this point. I mean, I loved Titans even during Titans Hunt, which set up a lot of the status quo here, but still. Characters go unnamed through the entire crossover. Battallion is the worst example of 90's excess I can remember, he's more obnoxious than Cable!

The toughest part about this series is the top-notch artists that worked on the launch issue.

Issue 1 - With art by Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes, Kerry Gammil, and more, how can I dump these? Actually, I think I'll only keep the best one. I think I like Kilowatt best, so I'll keep his, and dump the rest. SELL

Issues 2 & 3 - A few chapters in the middle of the average Total Chaos crossover. SELL

Issue 4 & 5 - Oh man, these issues feature a punk band who can turn into armored warriors. SELL

Issue 7 - Hee hee, this issue introduces the future-Nightwing who becomes "Deathwing" next issue. SELL

That was easy!

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Jeff said...

I actually thought the issue with the Adam Hughes art featured a decent origin story, but that's about it.

I'm pretty sure Battalion was based on Cable--but more as a copy than as a nod. A sad one at that.

And worse, there was an issue very early on in which Donna Troy turns into a crazy angry giant.

I don't blame you on this sell!