Thursday, June 16, 2011

Booster Gold #45

I’m having a real problem with current DC titles. At this point, I’m all-in on the DC Reboot, so I’m really wondering why I should care about the next few months of DC comics. Sure, a few of these books might end up being previews of “DCNu” status quo, but we already know Booster is being “born again.” Right?

This issue we get more background on Doomsday’s role in the Flashpoint world. It seems he’s under the control of one Nathaniel Adam, a name quite familiar (Captain Atom). Atom has aged normally, so it seems he wasn’t blasted through time in the FP reality, instead he moved up the ranks and now runs a quite dangerous weapon.

I don’t recognize the metahuman that Booster befriends while on the run from Doomsday, but I’m thinking there’s a chance she’s the black-haired lady on the cover of JLI #1 in September.

Dan Jurgens’ art is still solid, he’s a great storyteller. I would have liked to have seen him draw the real Captain Atom a bit. It is fun seeing him draw Doomsday again, I have to admit.


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