Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Captain America Corps #1

Ah, Roger Stern. You’ve written so many great series over the years, I’m pretty much obligated to pick up anything you write! I was already leaning towards getting this book, then I saw American Dream and US Agent on future covers. I see a lot of Bucky Cap and Captain America, but not so much of those two. Sold!

The story is a bit odd. It opens with an alternate version of Cap disappearing from his icy grave after WWII. The Watcher and one of the Elders of the Universe are concerned and the Elder wants to take action. I think the Elder goes unnamed, and I sure don’t remember him. (A bad sign; I’m a huge nerd; if I don’t know him, then most people probably won’t.)

The Elder puts together a team of alternate Caps; Captain America from WWII, Bucky Cap from the present, American Dream from MC2, US Agent from Avengers West Coast, and a future Cap from the 25th century. It’s a fun little team, and I enjoyed seeing their varied reactions to the series premise. The Elder plops them into a pretty good alternate future, complete with Americops and Ameridroids. (First issue has a Mark Gruenwald reference? Nice!) The team of Caps works well together, as you’d expect from this bunch.

The art from Phil Briones is only ok. I wish we could have gotten a more “classic” artist. Imagine if Lee Weeks or Paul Ryan had drawn this?


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David Charles Bitterbaum said...

The area I live in has Roger Stern around so he shows up to a really small comic-convention that occurs every year and is probably the biggest name there. I tell him every year how I agree the Vulture is a cool villain as I read that was his favorite Spider-Man villain in an interview. He's a nice fellow and his face lights up when he meets the one-in-a-million person who thinks the Vulture is cool too.