Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kirby: Genesis #0

I didn't appreciate Kirby's stuff when I was a kid, but boy, do I ever love it now. There isn't a ton of material in this $1.00 sampler from Dynamite, but there is enough to get me interested. Some of the designs in this thing are killer. Tiger 20 is one of the best designs I've seen, and I have to love Ember and Silver Star. These concepts have a lot of similarity with the New Gods and Eternals, but if you are looking for classic Kirby, then that certainly fits the bill.

Kurt Busiek has some of his normal POV characters in some kids (and one parent) who will guide us around this new Genesis universe of Kirby characters. I hope we don't get too much of them, I want high concepts and sci-fi action. It looks like there should be plenty of both.

Alex Ross' re-designs and updates to Kirby's sketches look wonderful, and it seems regular series artist Jack Herbert can keep up the pace. I'm not usually out to pick up Dynamite books, but I think this creative team is going to force me to make an exception.


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