Friday, June 3, 2011

Xombi #3

I wanted to get this out right away; much like Grant Morrison's work, I'm not sure I totally follow everything that John Rozum is trying to do with this series. I'm pretty clear on "Xombi" and his powers, and I love the league of Catholic heroes too. Adding in some other faith's heroes just makes this whole thing more fun. And the flavor is fantastic. Those creepy kids in issue 1 & 2, then the mournful ghosts who spend a few pages talking about enjoying the little things out of life. These are all well-done and riveting, that's what keeps bringing me back to the book.

But I'm confused on the plot. I can't remember who betrayed who, I can't remember who had one half of their brain kill the other... I get that the rage of God moved in when one personality left, but... why? Maybe it will all become clear, or maybe I need to sit down and re-read these again. It's not so blurry that I'm disliking the comic.

Frazer Irving's art is another huge selling point for this book. The art is moody and dark, but the character designs are clear and the action is well-choreographed. I can't think of a book I wouldn't try out to see more of Irving's art.


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