Monday, June 13, 2011

Flashpoint: Frankenstein #1

There is no reason that this needs to be a Flashpoint miniseries. So far, it reads as something that could have taken place in the normal DCU. Of course, at this point, that’s a detriment more than an advantage, so I don’t mind the choice to put Jeff Lemire’s preview in the Flashpoint continuity. It’s probably safer there as a lead-in to the relaunch!

The story is pretty generic, but well told. There aren’t any really shocking elements to the story, other than the nice bunker scene. I enjoy seeing Frankenstein as such a soulful guy. He’s bothered by evil, excessive bloodshed, and cruelty. It’s neat that he is clearly the most human guy on his team. I enjoyed the old 90’s Creature Commandos, but this version of Velcoro might win me over. He’s just as abrasive as I remember, and his visual is nice too. The Creature from the Black Lagoon gal and the Werewolf are still ciphers, but they’re likable enough.

All this plus GI Robot!

Ibraim Roberson’s art is shiny and dynamic, but I sometimes have a hard time telling his humans apart. There is a human on the monster squad who looks just like the a-hole superior, and I’m not sure which of them shows up for the cliffhanger.


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