Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Invincible #80

Aw man, I’ve missed Invincible. Robert Kirkman has created such a great little corner of the Image universe, I’ve really missed it. Spending so much time in space during the Viltrumite war has made my heart long for the characters absent for so long.

Dinosaurus is wonderful this issue, making reasoned, political arguments even as he smashes a city and plots its destruction. (That’s just part of what works so well, it makes sense that a dinosaur bad guy would be a radical environmentalist.)

Kirkman packs in a ton of scenes that show why this series is so strong. We see Mark check in with his girlfriend, best friend, and talk a villain out of a bad career. Invincible is the most reasonable hero around.

Ryan Ottley? Awesome. He’s drawing Atom Eve bigger and bigger, or is it just me? Either way, interesting choice for a super-book, we don’t see big heroes very often.


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Jeff said...

This was a really good issue. It was kind of all over the place--just like life. If you just followed any one guy through a normal day, you'd see him interacting with all kinds of people, and this was a great slice of that. Very well done.