Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chaos War: Dead Avengers TPB

Now this is more what I had in mind! Fred Van Lente's look at a team of dead Avengers is a lot more what I had in mind for book featuring undead super-heroes. The problem with reading all these tie-ins at once is that the Chaos King isn't a very good bad guy. I mean, his goals are so huge that I'm not really that interested in him. Van Lente dodges that bullet by giving two of his "servants" more powers to make things interesting for the core cast. Grim Reaper and Nekra are classic Avengers villains, and Nekra even has some ties to team-member Dr. Druid. So there is a lot more riding on this series on a character level.

The main plot is pretty weak, the Dead Avengers are protecting the unconscious bodies of the Avengers from Reaper and Nekra. The baddies have some slaves/underlings, but they're pretty ineffective. The big bads' powers are ramped up to make it interesting, and at the end of the series, only a couple Dead Avengers are still in action (and it is not who you'd think!)

I'm most impressed with Swordsman. He hasn't been in a ton of books, but I would actually like to see more of the character if written this way.

Tom Grummett's artwork is as solid as ever. He's a reliable penciller and I always enjoy his work.


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