Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Superman/Batman Annual #5

It's interesting that the Doomsday storyline trickled over to this title, a book I haven't bought in years. I guess this technically qualifies as a Super/Bat team-up, since Supergirl and NightBats feature quite prominently in it, but still, it's an odd choice.

James Robinson writes the Cyborg Superman really well. The guy's defining characteristic is a deathwish, but it's hard to write about someone who really sticks to it. I loved seeing Cyborg Supes actually trying to beat Doomsday, even if it was just to prove that he's superior to Superman.

The bulk of the issue has Supergirl trying to diagnose why she's gone "dark" again, wearing black togs and being all "bratty." It turns out that she's got survivor's guilt after the destruction of New Krypton, and she just has to forgive herself. It's trite and simple, but I'll take it if it restores Supergirl to the type of character she's supposed to be. Robinson presents the story in an interesting way, having Supergirl diagnosed and treated by holograms of Dr. Mid-Nite and Dr. Fate. NightBats does have some consistent words of encouragement too.

In the end, Doomsday runs off again, this time after "cyborging" himself. Are there are a slew of Doomsdays? One uber-Doomsday? Where does this story actually go after next week's Superboy?

Miguel Sepulveda is a Marvel-style artist, but his work looks good here. His Batman is bulky and clearly wearing body armor, which makes sense considering who he's fighting. Cyborg Superman looked fantastic, as did Supergirl. Sepulveda's Saint Walker is a bit odd looking, but then, that's an odd character.


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