Saturday, April 30, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: The Eradicator (1996)

I seem to be in the mood for old-school (90's era) Superman comics. This mini holds up very nicely. Ivan Velez Jr. always did do well by his characters, and while the Eradicator is clearly a jerk (as both a machine and man) but I still found myself rooting for him.

Roger Robinson's pencils are fantastic. Nothing happens in half measures. I think Eradicator is in a rage each and every time he takes off, giving almost every page a great, poster-worthy image.

Issue 1: Eradicator is suffering hallucinations. He doesn't exactly redeem himself to his human family either. KEEP
Issue 2: Eradicator finds out his true origin and discovers he's not the only Kryptonian doomsday program. KEEP
Issue 3: Guest-starring leather-jacketed Superboy. It's a great showdown and battle that feels epic due to Robinson's pencils. KEEP

This is a solid little mini.

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