Thursday, April 21, 2011

Batman & Robin #22

So is this creative team off the book? Did Peter Tomasi have one fantastic story to tell, then he's back to the world of GL? I suppose there are worse fates, because if this ends Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's run, then their average is going to be tremendous. I'm going to mix and match my comments about the art into the review of the story. It's rare to see a creative team that works together this perfectly.

The White Knight/White Angel is an instant classic. He's got all the ties to Gotham and the Arkham rogues that good new villains need. He's got a fantastic visual in both his guises. Clearly he's got the tech to work as a street-level or a more sci-fi Bat-villain. He's great.

What is so impressive about this story is how Tomasi and Gleason show off their knowledge of Gotham with only a few panels. The Joker is showering in the water filling his cell. Jane Doe is fantasizing about wearing the Knight's skin. Best of all, I can only imagine how angry Zsasz is going to be that Damian was riding him around slashing new scars into his tally (and as revenge for a recent Streets of Gotham story too!)

This is a great comic. I really hope the creators have more to say about Gotham City.


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