Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black Panther #517

Once in awhile it's nice to see the old super-hero tropes work out. The setup for the Luke Cage/BP fight is ridiculous, but it works. The best part is that with BP so annoyed, and Cage having gotten in his face so many times already, it makes sense that this fight could actually go down. Cage gets bumped in to T'Challa twice before BP says he's had enough. Now, I expect there are some Power Man fans who will not be pleased at how easily the Panther won this fight, but let's all remember, Black Panther beat the Silver Surfer! (Clearly I'm thrilled to see T'Challa take out another top-tier powerhouse.)

David Liss is still doing a great job. BP's relationship with the police is great. I'm not sure I buy everyone treating the hero like he's new, after all, T'Challa's pretty famous, but it's worth it to see someone acting like Daredevil and Spidey used to with their pet cops. I also loved how Black Panther points out that he was an Avenger with Cage and Spidey were on the streets, yet they think they can lecture him on how to be on a super-team.

Francesco Francavilla returns, and the book never looked better. How awesome is that panel with T'Challa just appearing in the window? And I loved the body language when Cage is reapeatedly knocked into the Panther. Great stuff.


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