Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Avengers Academy #12

This is a great book, but I wish Reptil always had to be red dinosaurs like in the cartoon! I suppose you don't want the two Marvel dino characters to get mixed up (Reptil and Devil Dinosaur) but c'mon, it was his whole deal!

So this issue wraps up with the artificially-aged students battling Korvac. I'm not sure I like Korvac being taken out in two issues, but I suppose he's gone up against the entire Avengers roster over the last two issues. That's about 40 characters these days.

As for the future students, it certainly looks like a few of them end up as villains. Finesse has a mix of heroes and villains in her reflex-memory, and I can't tell if that means she ended up good or bad (Saint Death!). Striker is clearly bad, with the evil goatee. Mettle doesn't look too nice, what with his default being a killing attack. Hazmat has those cute little ears on the top of her helmet, so I think she'll end up good. Bad guys don't wear cat ears. Reptil? Good guy. And he's staying old? That's a pretty odd choice. I understand the need to boost his powers, but still.

Tom Raney is doing an amazing job keeping this book consistent. I can still recognize his pencils, but there are moments where it honestly looks like Mike McKone is still penciling this comic! Veil and Mettle especially look exactly as they always have. That's great consistency.


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