Monday, April 11, 2011

Secret Six #32

"My name's King Shark. I'm a shark." That really says it all, doesn't it? I love the ever-expanding cast of the Secret Six, but man, I especially love the always awesome King Shark.

Gail Simone is still doing amazing things with the characters in this comic, even with them trapped in hell. Ragdoll gets a few nice moments, but I think the coolest developments happen with Catman. He and Etrigan sort of ditch the rest of the Six in order to deal with some personal issues. Catman carves up some devils and demons all to get to someone who I think he isn't quite done torturing. These are some messed up characters...

Deadshot and Jeannette are nicely loyal, which is odd for Deadshot. He's often the guy running off, but I suppose a shootout in hell is a pretty good way to act upon Deadshot's deathwish.

Jim Calafiore does a nice job with a few characters who return from the grave to appear in this issue. It's not surprising to see either of the two big reveals, but it is still fun getting more Simone-written dialogue for them. Any chance the two fallen characters can join the cast full-time?


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