Monday, April 4, 2011

Justice League of America #55

I think it is pretty funny that James Robinson just gives Saint Walker new powers to make him fit in on the JLA. If you think about it, the Blue Lanterns are doomed to be backups; all they do is boost the power in a GL's ring. With no actual GL on the team (Jade is probably close enough, but she's handling a different crisis) Walker just manifests the ability to make blue constructs to take on Doomsday. I actually hope this will stick, because otherwise the Blue Lanterns are sidekicks at best.

Robinson kept me guessing for most of the issue. It was clear Doomsday wasn't that interested in Supergirl since she was not part of Reign of the Supermen, but why the heck was he bugging the League? It's a nice bit of modern continuity to bring another character back on the stage who knows Doomsday quite well.

I can't review this series without pointing out how terrible the lineup is. I'm still holding out for at least a few more members of the big seven.

I'm not a fan of Bret Booth's art. Since everyone has such big eyes, even the guys look a bit like comic-style ladies. I will say his Doomsday looked pretty good.



Martin Gray said...

Blah to the Blue Lanterns, who needs 'em. They're like especially bad Hanna Barbera comic relief pets.

And while the current Supergirl wasn't involved in Reign of the Superman, Matrix was - perhaps his vision is off? Mind, has Matrix been officially wiped out of continuity? As for why Matrix is attacking, last week's Action had a hint.

Timbotron said...

I don't think Matrix is gone, she just went to another publisher, right?