Friday, April 22, 2011

Superboy #6

That Eddy Barrows cover is fantastic. Look at the determination in Superboy's face!

Sometimes it's fun watching the lead character get pounded. Unlike the rest of the Doomsday stories in the past few months, Superboy never has a chance. Everyone else stood up for a bit, even if they never came close to winning. From the moment Doomsday appears, Superboy is a punching bag. He gets knocked up and down the streets of Detroit; it really reminded me how powerful Doomsday was intended to be.

There is really only one little subplot, with Superboy's friend meeting up with the Atom. I haven't read much of this current Superboy series, but this kid is going to be Superboy's Lex Luthor, right? I mean, he has future super-villain written all over him!

Marco Rudy's art is fine, but he draws Superboy and Red Robin looking really young. They still have big kid-heads!


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