Saturday, April 2, 2011

Invincible #78

That bar across the middle sure saves an amusing butt-shot from being prominent on that cover. Do you think that was always Ryan Ottley's plan?

I think this is going to read much better in trade. When I opened this comic, I felt like we'd already seen all this fallout from the loooong-running Viltrumite War. I understand the need for this type of issue; Invincible needs to travel around and see how the world has moved along while he was gone. But man, I'm ready for the next storyline.

Kirkman has a ton of wonderful little moments. I don't think Omni-Man should reunite with his wife; she shouldn't forgive his level of betrayal. I like the idea of Bulletproof helping out with Invincible and Atom Eve's protection business. Invincible needs more friends. By far, the coolest moment of the book had to be Cecil Stedman taking D.A. Sinclair's animated Invincible corpses off high alert. I'm sure that will all work out just fine.

Ryan Ottley's art is as solid as ever. I'm not positive what he was going for with Atom Eve's return shot. I can't remember, did she have the baby? Invincible's been gone for 10 months; I'm no doctor, but she should have had the baby, right?


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