Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: Alpha Flight 75-100

It's probably telling that my original collection as so many gaps around this era. If I didn't dig the book enough to buy every issue when I was a kid, would I like it more now?

I do have fond memories of Wild Child as a dangerous loony and I know I liked the new English hero Windshear, but I didn't remember too much about this era before I re-read it. The art is average, Michael Bair has certainly gotten a lot better than what he shows here. I will say that I loved his habit of having flying heroes be in weird, contorted positions. It's funny seeing Aurora zooming around upside down with her legs curled up towards her back.

This era of the title heavily features Madison Jeffries, currently appearing as part of the Science Team in Uncanny X-Men. Whatever happened to Jeffries' wife Diamond Lil?

AF #75: This picks up the end of a story with the team trapped in another universe fighting evil Marvel heroes. It's not original... - SELL
AF #78: I must have gotten this for the Dr. Strange appearance, but he doesn't do much but worry about Canada. - SELL
AF #79&80: Acts of Vengeance! - KEEP
AF #82: Alpha Flight goes to Asgard to fight silly-looking trolls and elves. Northstar was actually trapped in Asgard! - SELL
AF #84: This picks up the big threat storyline that Talisman and Strange foresaw, but it seems I only have the middle chapter... - SELL
AF #87: Fabian Nicieza and Michael Bair take over and man, they pack a lot in these issues. The team splits in three and adds in Wolverine, and yet none of the storylines interest me. - SELL
AF #88: Forge guest-stars and helps Windshear, Lil, and Jeffries resurrect Guardian! - SELL
AF #89: Wolverine and Vindicator vs. Gamma Flight - SELL
AF #91: Dr. Doom shows up, but Alpha fights generic armored thugs. - SELL
AF #92: Guardian tries to get used to being alive, with some inconsistent art from Dan Reed. - SELL
AF #93: The FF guest-star, but man, the art is hard to follow in the fight with Headlok(!) - SELL
AF #96: Michael Adams pencils the very Vandal Savage-y origin of the Master of the World. - SELL

So two keepers because they tie into one of my favorite crossovers, and that's it. I'll have to keep reading to see if I still like Scott Lobdell's take on the team after issue 100.

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