Saturday, April 23, 2011

Booster Gold #43

Weird. I was totally bored by last month's Perforated Man story, but the follow-up this month is quite enjoyable. Perhaps it is the guest-starring Legion of Super-Heroes (is this Booster's first meeting with them? Weird, if so, they're a natural fit.) Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis have an amusing take on the Legion, these guys aren't geniuses; heck, they take orders from Ultra Boy in the field, surely they must know better than that!

It may be forced having the Legion capture Booster, but it does set up some great jokes. Chameleon Boy and Proty playing good cop/bad cop? Awesome.

In all, this story seems like a sort of deck-clearing exercise to line us up for Flashpoint. Now, I'd planned to skip that crossover, but now I'm getting concerned that this title won't make sense if I don't get it! It does seem the writers have set up something with that slowed-down aging too, that's an interesting new power for Booster.

Chris Batista has drawn the Legion before, and it shows. He's got a great take on the team, and of course his Booster is smug and hilarious.


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