Monday, April 18, 2011

Marvel Boy: The Uranian TPB

I'm not mis-rembering that the Uranians are weird alien-looking things, right? In this trade they just seem like fairly generic humans with some sinister motives.

I always enjoy Jeff Parker's work with the Agents of Atlas, but this really seems like a story that didn't need to be told. The Uranian is a cool character, but a lot of that is due to his weirdness. This is an origin story, and by placing it during the 50's when Bob Grayson was pretty normal, he just doesn't pack the same punch. That's not to say this is bad, it is filled with great little moments and nice uses of Grayson's telepathy, but I had hoped this was some missing chapter before I read the 3-D Man Atlas trade, and instead, this is sort of unnecessary.

Felix Ruiz's art is nice, but man, this guy sure like Bill Sienkiewicz. He's got the same scratchy pencils. It works great in some moments, but not so well in others. Ruiz is an interesting choice to pencil an origin story set during the "simpler" 50's.

I will say the backups are pretty good in this one. I didn't power through the original Marvel Boy material, but the Fantastic Four reprints are great. Roy Thomas and George Perez, what's not to like?


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