Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Green Lantern #65

It almost pains me to admit, but Geoff Johns' work on these crossovers is solid. I wasn't sure if War of the Green Lanterns could keep the momentum up, but it holds out again this issue.

After a bit of amusing banter between Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan (and Johns does a great job picking up from where Peter Tomasi left them in Emerald Warriors), the Earth GLs are reunited in the sewers of Oa. That's after we see Kilowog dominated by Krona and we get to see Hal Jordan show off his piloting skills to Guy. I understand that Hal is good, but since I prefer Gardner, it stinks seeing Hal get the upper hand! It was pretty funny seeing Hal and Guy squeezing into the tiny escape pod at the end of their ride; it's the sort of silly detail that would really make this work in a movie.

The big moment in the issue is the distribution of colored power rings. Hal takes yellow/fear, which makes sense; he's wrassled with Parallax enough times that I can see it. And Guy's claim on the red/anger ring makes sense too, it's his defining characteristic. I'm not sure hope is what I think of with Kyle, but that might be my dislike of the Blue Lantern concept. I still don't like a totally passive core that only boosts other characters. I'm confused about John Stewart getting the purple/compassion ring. It's not the defining characteristic of this version of the character (maybe back in the Mosaic days, sure, but not now). I also didn't like Hal rejecting John's first choice, then handing him the purple ring. If you're letting folks pick, let 'em pick, you know?

Doug Mahnke does another bang-up job on the art. Kilowog looks fantastic, and I liked seeing the consistency of clothing on the Earth GLs. It's a small detail, but one often overlooked by multiple art teams. With Hal and Guy on that icy world, they needed some jackets, you know?


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