Sunday, April 3, 2011

Power Girl #22

So I heard this was a good jumping on point, taking place after the Generation Lost storyline. I have to give Judd Winick credit, this is a pretty solid issue. Power Girl really has changed into being a fun character, the JLI angry days seem to be long behind her. I like the amount of time she seems to be putting into her secret ID, that's not something that the character has done much with in the past (that I've seen).

I'm intrigued by the corporate rival that acquired a bunch of PG's corporate tech. She has potential, maybe a lady Lex Luthor type?

The conflict is fairly generic, with Superman and PG teaming up to fight some magical dinosaurs. I think a lot of the motivation for this issue was for artist Sami Basri to get to draw some awesome dinosaurs. And they do look great. In fact, Basri's art is pretty impressive. PG's... features are prominent, but not quite as blatant as they have been with some artists (I did like Superman commenting on her figure too, it would be a bit of a giveaway for a secret ID).



Martin Gray said...

Yes indeed, this was a great issue. I don't mind it being set post-Gen Lost at all.

Jeff said...

I LOVED the conversation between Superman and Power Girl. Superman came off as pretty sanctimonious, but with a valid point in the end.

I always love the "crossed arms Superman speech". I thought Power Girl handled herself pretty well.