Thursday, April 28, 2011

Invincible #79

Hmm. I didn't see that one coming. I don't want to spoil an emotional moment in this month's Invincible, even though the setup takes most of the issue. I'll try to stick to the other segments of the book.

First off, it's great seeing Invincible tackling his old rogues. He's been off fighting Viltrumites so long, I felt as happy as Mark when he got his double splash of beat downs on his normal foes (including Doc Seismic, always a treat). I'm also happy to see Dinosaurus making a comeback. Sure, he's got a silly name, but that is one tough looking dude, I think we're in for a good fight! I love the plethora of villains and heroes Robert Kirkman has populated this book with; it feels like the best knockoff of Marvel that you could want.

And what the heck is Nolan going to do? He clearly can't function as Omni-Man anymore. Is it time for a masked identity?

Ryan Ottley's art is still fantastic. Atom Eve's fuller figure is a great and realistic development. And man, how great is it seeing Invincible back in his classic togs fighting his classic foes?


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