Sunday, April 17, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8

It's official, Guy Gardner is now my favorite Green Lantern. It's been Kyle Rayner for years, but Kyle's sad-sack modern persona is nowhere near as fun as the tough-guy, overconfident Guy Gardner. Guy is a great balance of confidence and capability, and it is hard to argue with his feelings about Hal Jordan. In fact, if you think Hal is annoying, this is the comic for you. Guy lists all of holier-than-thou Hal's faults, all during a great brawl as the two heroes slug it out on an arctic world.

War of the Green Lanterns has been pretty uneven so far, but the setup seems to be de-powered Earth lanters taking on Parallax and Krona. I don't see how these guys have a chance, but I'm excited to see them try. I'm also coming around on the concept that Parallax's influence is making these guys say things they always thought, but would never say. How great was it when Guy acts surprised about he and Hal's "rivalry?" There's a reason Hal is the last option for Guy to look for when he starts looking for help from his fellow GLs! Peter Tomasi has a great handle on Guy, making this the best GL comic I've read in awhile.

Fernando Pasarin's art is quite pretty. The swarm of GLs at the open all have nicely unique designs, and I loved his work on the arctic wildlife of the alien world. He does a great job with little details too; the GLs using ice to soothe their bruises, the different styles of dress for Hal and Guy, and the constant use of rings to illustrate points when the GLs debate.

I'm adding this title to my pull list.


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Martin Gray said...

Oh wow, you've sold me on this one, Hal is so up himself!