Monday, October 11, 2010

Marvel Two-In-One #52

Man, the Thing can be a real jerk! Steven Grant writes one grumpy Thing in this book. Moon Knight shows up and repeatedly tries to help out the rocky guy, but Thing is having none of it. He just puts MK down and makes fun of him, even when he's actually making a difference in the fight!

I'm really starting to like Crossfire, he's such a jerk with an axe to grind. He essentially views all heroes the way the Trasks view mutants; the only good ones are dead. He plays around with more mind-control attacks in this issue, only Moonie's previous experience gets the heroes out with a win. Good stuff, but I'm not sure why anyone would ever team up with the orange grump.

Jim Craig's pencils are nice and clean, and I love his take on the old Moon Knight suit. It really is a dynamic costume, I'm surprised MK never became more popular. He works so well in his own low-level stories AND in big super hero action like this. Marvel's Batman should be in cooler stories!


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