Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deadpool Team-Up #889

I'm burned out on Deadpool, but I'm not burned out on Jeff Parker's Gorilla Man. This is a nice little done-in-one that is light on script but heavy on amusing visuals. There is a three or four page sequence where Gorilla Man and DP face off in more and more complex war machines. I'm not sure the story ever actually makes much sense, but really, does anyone read Deadpool comics for stories that make sense?

This is a harmless little action piece that gives Gorilla Man a nice chance to "mouth off" to a bigger name hero. And in that, it is a success.

Steve Sadowski doesn't do much mainstream work these days (at least that I see) but I do like his art. GM looks great, Deadpool looks good, and I like the design for the villain. I'd love to see more stuff from Sadowski soon.


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