Sunday, October 24, 2010

DMZ v2: Body of a Journalist TPB

This was a fun read, but the frantic pace and the feel of exploration that made the first trade so riveting is dialed back a bit, making Brian Wood's second trade less fascinating. Wood is still parcelling out information about the war between the United States and Free America, but I feel at this point we should have gotten a real info dump on it. I would appreciate that more than an expanded essay on the people of NYC and the popular graffitti and eateries. The war is a bit more relevant to the greater plot.

It is fascinating seeing how the two armies are constantly moving in and out of the city. It might be a No Man's Land, but it sure is well traveled. Special forces teams and soldiers are regularly wandering around getting into trouble. I also like the idea that Matty has become a celebrity outside the DMZ. It would happen, and having other reporters come along and try to be a part of that action makes a lot of sense. Matty's Dad is a real jerk too; a bad Dad, but a great motivator for future stories.

The art seems a lot cleaner in this installment. I think I preferred the darker look of the first trade, everything felt a bit more dangerous and lost. Here it seems like a lot more of a free choice for people to live this weird NYC half-life.


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