Friday, October 15, 2010

Hawkeye & Mockingbird #5

Even beaten up, Mockingbird looks awesome, doesn't she?

This issue is packed with plot and character development, and once again, Jim McCann has everything in perfect balance. He wraps up the problem of too many Phantom Riders pretty decisively, and I'm happy with his choice. Without spoiling, I'd say we can expect to see more of the new Phantom Rider, and she's a great new opposite number for Mockingbird. Mock needs a rogue's gallery, and the new Rider is a good start. For a book with such an espionage feel, the conclusion is a bit hocus-pocus-y, but dealing with ghostly possession often takes some magic, doesn't it?

Hawkeye is heading down a rough path with his wife, though. I was amused when he used an explosive putty arrow, that's a nice addition to his arsenal. I winced when Hawk nailed Crossfire with that razor-bladed arrow. I mean, I know this is a guy who puts sharp metal into his foes whenever he can, but slicing someone with a long string of razor blades seems unnecessarily gruesome.

I'm not sure where McCann is taking the relationship at the close of the issue; is the couple breaking up? Maybe breaking up on just a professional level to keep Hawkeye a bit "brighter?" I'm not sure, but I hope McCann has time to tell his whole story; I'm already worried for this new favorite of mine.

David Lopez does a great job with the art. I love his take on Crossfire. Phantom Rider has a nice look too, with a great blend of the classic Riders and a new villainous influence.


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Mart said...

You enjoyed this one more than me, but make sense. I do hope this book comes back from hiatus after the Widowmaker story.