Friday, October 1, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #52

This storyline has been going on for a long time, hasn't it? I think I might have read enough Cyborg Superman stories for a while, they all generally seem to go to the same place. I don't think anyone buys that Boddika has taken the guy out permanently, but hopefully for a few years or two.

Tony Bedard is writing a big ensemble here, and this issue focuses on Boddika. I'm not sure many people were clamoring for more of her, I find it interesting that Kyle Rayner has been relegated to such a backup role. I'd argue he's about as important as Hannu and Stel. The focus on John Stewart and Ganthet has certainly lowered my interest in this title. I just don't like this version of John Stewart. There isn't a lot of personality there. I read it for Kyle Rayner, Soranik, and even Stel. The rest of my old faves in this book moved on to the Warriors title (and a $3.99 price point) so this book is floundering for me.

Ardian Syaf continues drawing everyone with stubble (except the women and Ganthet). He's got the DC house style down, so this art would fit perfectly in Generation Lost or a Superman title. It's clear and professional, but not visually distinctive.


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