Monday, August 2, 2010

X-Men: Utopia (part 3) Dark X-Men: The Beginning

I like seeing Norman Osborn put together his team. It's funny, Namor is such an important character and such an important part of this story, yet I get tired of the guy really quickly. He just doesn't work for me as a sympathetic character. When he and Osborn face off, I didn't really have anyone to root for.

The Mimic story is fun, but wasn't as heroic as I'd hope for the character. Weapon Omega also comes across as a patsy. Osborn's manipulation of Daken is well played, and I loved the odd face off with Mystique. (Has anyone written Mystique as well as Jason Aaron?) Cloak and Dagger go along for the greater good, but that just makes me question why they ditched Osborn as easily as they did. It was never an easy decision for them to join up with him. Dark Beast is another story, it sure looks like he may end up with more control than Osborn.

The best segment in this mini-series is "The One That Got Away" featuring Aurora. When Norman Osborn tries to reign in her two personalities, he finds out things are just a bit more complicated. Aurora is a neat character, and in the speedster-poor Marvel U, I wish we could see more of her. I don't want to see all these new personalities coming back anytime soon, but I'd love to see some of the personality quirks she talks about show up in either of her two "prime" personalities. I always like seeing Alpha Flight characters, so having Aurora show up so tough her was nice.

Overall, the mini-series is probably unnecessary, but there are enough nice moments to make it worthy as part of a greater trade.


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