Friday, August 27, 2010

Avengers #4

Bendis has gotten much better at these widescreen, Avengers-style stories over the years. We're four parts into the Avengers vs. time-craziness and while I can't say things are moving along at a fast pace, at least the Avengers seem to be dealing with their own problems.

In the present, Thor is smashing Martians while Spidey, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman make friends with Killraven. I have to hope 'Raven wasn't riding Devil Dinosaur, since the dino lasts about two panels before meeting a grisly fate. In any case, I like seeing Killraven with the Avengers. I'm not sure if he's sticking around, but he might make an interesting addition to the Marvel U if he does.

In the future, Iron Man, Wolverine, Bucky Cap, and the terrible Captain Marvel Kid finally meet up with the next generation Avengers. There's something weird going on as we see that someone is controlling the puppetmaster. Maestro bosses around the Next Avengers, but someone else is bossing him around. I'm ok with the reveal, I just hope we're not in for a mindwipe or anything.
John Romita Jr's art is still stylized as all get out, but still fun if you like it. Thor looks so weird when he looks out over crazy New York, but I can't help but love it.



Mart said...

This was the first issue I've not bought - too much sound and fury, and not enough sharing of panel time between the characters. Glad you're enjoying it, though!

Timbotron said...

LOL, "enjoying it" is a bit much. It's an Avengers book, so I'll buy it, but Academy, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, and Secret Avengers are much more my cup of tea!