Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brightest Day #7

Seven issues in, and we're finally getting some clues about what the returned characters are supposed to be doing during the Brightest Day. After heroically eating a cheeseburger (maybe I have what it takes to be a hero myself, eh?) Deadman kicks off a series of visions for all the returnees. It seems each character has something to accomplish.

Martian Manunter has to burn down the Star City forest (although he doesn't seem keen on the idea). I figure this will bring back Swamp Thing.

I'm wondering if Nekron is still active in the third voice in Firestorm; Jason and Ronnie have to learn from each other to stop him.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl have to deal with that silly new animal world they're trapped on.

Aquaman needs to find the new Aqualad.

Captain Boomerang needs to try and kill Dove.

Jade needs to help Obsidian stop Eclispo.

Osiris needs to bring back Isis (and I'd bet Black Adam).

Max Lord needs to kill Magog!!!!

The Reverse Flash already finished his mission, bringing back Barry Allen. His reward is a return to life.

Hawk needs to save Dove.

So, it seems that anyone who succeeds in their mission will get to stay alive with that LIFE RETURNED designation. I'm actually interested in all of these stories except for the Hawks. I love how Aquaman totally doesn't care that Mera was an assassin, he's right, they've been through too much together for that to make a difference now. I can't wait for Black Adam and Isis to return. I'm worried about Magog, I don't hate him as much as everyone else.

The art is pretty solid throughout. I loved how the one page had quick hits of returnees, each drawn by the artist of their ongoing series. How great did Eclipso look?


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