Monday, August 30, 2010

Kid Review: Tiny Titans #31

(Written by my 5-year old daughter)

Match is FUNNY. I think it is funny that he says "oooh, what shirt should I try?" Because none of them really match his color. It's kinda funny when Wonder Girl throws snowballs at Psimon. The Brainiac club better watch out for Superman. I like Saturn Girl. Is she a fairy. I think Brainiac 5's pet is kinda funny because he just leaves trails of himself. I REALLY like it when Match thinks Psimon is an ice cream cone and then he eats him. It's funny that that guy (Lightning Lad) is just like "uhhhh" that he's there. He doesn't care! That guy (Chameleon) is tapping saying "whatcha doin?"

Superman's Dad thinks Beppo is Superman, that is ridiculous. His father is just being crazy. I like the issues that have a lot of Superboy and Supergirl.

This comic was funny with Match in it.

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Mart said...

This is a very nice review. Thank you for writing it. You deserve a big ice cream!

Match is coolio.