Thursday, August 12, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #7

Ok, this book is on warning. Historically, I have never been a huge Judd Winick fan, but I'm going to give him a chance to impress me now that Giffen is off this book and he's running solo.

Winick's first solo issue isn't bad. The plot is still fairly slow as the team breaks into Checkmate, but we see Max Lord's ultimate destiny (and Magog's) in a nice tie to Brightest Day. He's got the voice down for the new Rocket Red, and I enjoyed the conversation with Fire and Ice, they are not the close friends they used to be; too much time has passed. Booster Gold as the new leader is a nice touch, especially since no one agreed to it.

It was amusing seeing a "cree-ok" type sound effect. Winick loves that sound effect and uses it all the time. That's always an indicator that he worked on a book. So Winick is doing well, I'm sticking with the book.

Joe Bennett's Blue Beetle looks the best, but he does a nice job with Fire and Ice too. Rocket Red is pretty nicely designed, his suit's powers look great. I do have to say that Booster Gold's goggles look too large and he's not exactly on-model with his own book.


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