Saturday, August 21, 2010

Greek Street TPB

Sometimes I even confuse myself. I can't figure out what makes some Vertigo series the best things I've ever read (Scalped, Unwritten) while others like this and Faker just aren't my cup of tea.

I'm a big Peter Milligan fan, and I love his high concept here, but I sort of lose interest in the execution. Setting a slew of Greek tragedies in the underworld of London is a neat idea, the problem is that none of the leads are particularly likable. I'm showing my lack of knowledge on tragedies, but the problem here is that I really don't care who lives and dies in this story. The only guy who seems solid enough to worry about is the cop, and his death seems to be pre-ordained. The lead is pretty annoying, yet everyone in the book seems to like him or want to be around him, and I just don't get it. Eddie seems like an ineffective crybaby.

Again, I love the idea of setting Greek stories on a famous street with the same name, but this just doesn't grab me.

Davide Gianfelice gets to draw a lot of topless ladies. Too bad so many of them are decaying monster chests. The art is fine, and I understand there are no real heroes in this story, but even the lead characters don't exactly jump off the page. I had a difficult time picking out the stars when there are so many secondary characters with similar looks.


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