Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #50

This issue sorts of treads water as Tony Bedard gets readers up to speed on the Cyborg Superman. John Stewart gets to stroll through the Cyborg's memories of both his origin and how he spent Blackest Night. It's interesting, the Black Lanterns couldn't even see Cyborg Superman, he theorizes it's because of his lack of a heart. But I know that Vibe and the other JLA zombies spent time taking out Red Tornado, and Metamorpho surely doesn't have a heart anymore, right? So it's a good dramatic punch, but I'm not sure it fits with what we saw during Blackest Night.

As for plot movement, the four stars sort of float around the robot planet, but there isn't a ton of story movement. Hopefully things pick up next issue.

Ardian Syaf's art has that DC house style down, but I'm not sure I like it. Kyle Rayner and John Stewart are sporting some tough-guy stubble, but it sort of looks wrong on both of them. And I love seeing what sort of fun creations Kyle manifests with his ring. In this issue he makes a missile, samurai armor, a swat team door-buster, and a stretcher. Nothing crazy or pop-culture enough!


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