Thursday, August 26, 2010

Justice Society of America #42

James Robinson is still taking his time getting to the point in this Starheart crossover, but adding Kyle Rayner to the mix is a step in the right direction. Kyle's romantic past with Jade and Donna Troy makes him a nice little catalyst for some interaction as the issue wears on. There is a surprising amount of time spent with Supergirl and Power Girl too, the two of them get some great shots in against Alan Scott. Dr. Mid-Nite gets a moment to shine too, as he sneaks around the star palace to save Mikaal Starman.

I'm still not a fan of this many dueling dialogue boxes. Too many people are narrating and thinking their way through this story. I think Hourman even gets some in-head time. It just gets confusing! I do like some of the odd interplay that the Starheart is forcing. Having the Starheart be "new" to existence and so eager for experiences is a cool take on a fairly repetitive villain.

Mark Bagley continues to amuse me with his great takes on Wildcat and the rest of the JSA. He's a natural fit on the JLA characters, but his JSA look a tad off. I'm also not a huge fan of the Jade/Obsidian hybrid that shows up at the end, but is should be short-lived.


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