Saturday, August 7, 2010

Faker TPB

A story about a man made out of puke. That's really what this is! Mike Carey writes one of the weirdest stories I've ever read in this one.
This is a character piece, so while there is a puke man, government conspiracies, and shooting, the driving force of this story is people. Four college freshman friends each have problems, some more than others. One is an extortionist, a hacker, a himbo, and a jock. There's all sorts of weirdness as they interact with their puke-friend. He remembers everything they do, but he thinks it was him doing everything in his memories, leading to some odd situations.

In the end, the story resolves pretty badly for the leads. In fact, of the four friends (plus one), I'd say MAYBE one gets a happy ending. Fortunately, it is probably the most well-adjusted. I'm not sure I can give this a high recommendation... it is a fairly gross story. It is self-contained, and easy to read in one sitting. But there are better, more stimulating Vertigo books out there.

Jock's art is nice, of course, and he gets to play around with some pretty crazy stuff. His realistic style works well in the setting.


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