Monday, August 2, 2010

Marvel Super-Heroes #4

So I'm trying to find comics appropriate for my eight-year old nephews, but at the same time, I need the comics to be good enough to get them hooked on comics. I remember reading Uncanny X-Men and Marvel Age at eight, that hooked me for life. So what comics are out there now to do the same for my nephews?

My first try is Marve Super-Heroes #4. And actually, it is a really good choice. It's got recognizable characters in Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and even Black Widow. There are those mysterious new folks (to a first time reader) like Nova and Vision. There is a great guest-star in Kraven the Hunter, who is funny, unique, and most importantly, feels established. And best of all, Deadpool. Deadpool goes unnamed through the whole issue, although I'm not sure why. They call him Wade Wilson and other stuff, but maybe you can't say "Dead" in an all-ages book?

There is the start of a sub-plot with Namor, the Blonde Phantom, and Invisible Woman. All good for creating that "look how big and expansive comics are" feeling. There are plenty of strings here for my nephews to start tugging on as they explore comics.

Paul Tobin has this book set up nicely. It's got a Marvel feel and yet kids can still enjoy it.

Ronan Cliquet's pencils are sharp, the colors are bright, and the characters look on-model. This is about as good as I can hope for in hooking my nephews.



Always Right said...

I read the Uncanny X-Men issue(211) with the Mutant Massacre when I was eight, so I have no measure of what to suggest for kids. That was a brutal, violent issue that I adored at the time.

Timbotron said...

I beat you by a few issues. My first was the Barry Windsor-Smith issue where Wolvie took on the Hellfire Club commandos and Lady Deathstrike.