Thursday, November 12, 2009

Walking Dead #67

Maybe this time the gang has finally bumped into a group as reasonable as they are. Kirkman's band of survivors have had pretty bad luck with the survivors they've met so far. Although I suppose you could make the argument that the Governor and the Hunters were probably worse off for having met up with Rick's gang of killers. In any case, there someone new arrives at the close of this issue, and he seems to be clean-shaven, clean, and friendly. I'm hoping this is the story I thought Fear the Hunters might be, with a group of "nice" survivors shocked at the state of Rick's people. It will be a neat contrast to see. I can't wait to see who the real "good guys" are, especially after Rick's talk with Carl this issue.

Kirkman also delivers on his hints about the "scientist" Eugene. As we've all suspected, he isn't a government scientist with special insight into the zombies. His real origin is much more mundane. He's got a normal (and amusing) job and he's a good liar. That meant he had to play up his importance to survive a zombie world. It's an amusing reveal, although Abraham certainly makes Eugene pay for his lies. Abraham is rightfully wracked with guilt over the sacrifices he made to get Eugene to D.C. There are no deaths in this issue, but it is still a very satisfying read.

Charlie Adlard is as solid as always. He does a great job with that last page. The guy looks totally different from the scruffy, grubby normal cast.


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