Friday, November 6, 2009

Magog #3

This was the make-or-break issue of Magog for me, and Giffen's new series makes the cut, but barely. Magog's odd personality is starting to grow on me. He's a confident, aggressive hero that recognizes his limitations even as he blusters and powers through every interaction. Giffen spends a lot of time with the new villain Miasma this issue, and his background is so generic and uninteresting that our narrator Magog tunes out, so the reader doesn't have to suffer through all the rationalizations of a madman. It's a fun trick I don't think I've ever seen used before. I'm still not sold on the arms-dealer aspect of the story, I'm just not interested in it yet. But Miasma is a more approachable villain with clearer goals, so seeing Magog go up against him is pretty entertaining. I'd say this is the best issue yet.

Howard Porter's Magog is a hulking ape-man. His square nose and golden armor gives him a definite gladiator look, and I'm liking that Magog ditched the shoulder pad this issue too.


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