Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doom Patrol #4

Ah, I can't resist the Yellow Lantern ring. And so I picked up an issue I would normally pass on, Doom Patrol #4!

Keith Giffen does a nice job recapping the mid 80's Doom Patrol, making Celsius and Tempest actually seem like cool characters with legit adventures. I've read those comics and they weren't actually that good... There are some nice confrontations here, although I'm confused by Negative Woman's appearance. I thought that was Valeria Vostok who appeared (alive) in Checkmate recently. Is she dead? I like the idea of the Negative-being battle, but that did confuse me. Celsius takes out the Chief's legs, but I guess he wasn't using them anyway. Having Tempest be a fan of Elasti-Girl made their interaction a bit of morbid fun, and probably the second best confrontation of the issue. The best? No doubt the arrival of Robot Man's brainless corpse. What a horrific idea, that Robot Man isn't really Cliff Steele at all, but just a copy, leaving the real guy to rise as a Black Lantern.
The Metal Men backup had very little Metal Man action, most of the pages are taken up introducing us to the Clique, a new gang of female mannequin-robots. The Clique is a fun idea, but I've grown so fond of the bantering amongst the core cast that I missed it. The Metal Men don't get enough pages to lose most of them introducing a new opponent.
Justiano brings a very creepy tone to the book that is very appropriate. He does such a nice job with the main cast that I wouldn't mind him working on the book regularly. Kevin Maguire's Metal Men feature is as flawless as we've come to expect.


Jeff said...

I wasn't expecting the yellow ring, and honestly, I kind of snickered to myself when my comic book guy put it in my bag. I thought, "Oh, jeez, thanks. What am I going to do with that?"

But in the car, I have to admit that I put it on. And I enjoyed wearing it while in heavy traffic, imagining wielding it. Does this make me a potential Sinestro Corps member?

Timbotron said...

I believe it does. I had my daughters wear mine while we had lunch at the mall. :)