Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Batgirl #4

This is the best issue of this new series so far. Stephanie Brown is fully into her role as Batgirl and firmly under the wing of Oracle as she gets trained up for the responsibility of being Batgirl. The best bit about this issue is the running joke about bantering with villains. On multiple occasions, Oracle mocks Batgirl's attempts to mock her foes, and we see she got that mocking from her Dad. Commissioner Gordon take a chance to poke fun at his new detective a couple times this issue, making this the most likeable deployment of the Gotham PD in quite some time. Bryan Q Miller skims over some low-level fighting and then quickly wraps up a showdown with Livewire (the Superman villainess). It's funny, because Batgirl gets a quick and easy win against this much more powerful foe, but it easily could have gone the other way if luck wasn't on her side. I'm still interested in seeing just how effective Stephanie will be as Batgirl. She's still seems to have more moxie than actual skill. I'm not as interested in the Oracle subplot, but I'm glad she's getting featured somewhere.

The two artists (Lee Garbett and Tim Levins) have very different styles. They're just lucky that the artists the work most resembles are both guys I like. Batgirl often looks like a Barry Kitson creation, and the Oracle sequences look like Yanick Paquette's work. But I like both of those other guys' work, so I'm not complaining.



Mart said...

Hiya, nice review but it's worth another look at the interior credits! There WERE two artists this time, and Bryan Q Miller is the writer. Feel free to fix, then delete this comment (I'm not guilt free in this area)!

Timbotron said...

Hah! Fixed. I must have been blurring this and Red Robin in my head. Yost writes that one, right? I read them right in a row but only reviewed one.