Saturday, November 14, 2009

Superman: Secret Origin #2

I'm really just not that interested in this version of the Legion. I know this is the classic take, but their involvement in this issue did absolutely nothing for me. In fact, the whole experience was pretty generic, with Superboy getting a quick team-up against generic thugs. The only interesting parts of this chapter were the bits featuring Lex Luthor. I enjoyed his and Clark's interaction in the library, and Johns is doing a good job showing just how much of a psychopath Luthor was from the start. I suppose it is interesting that Clark couldn't hang out with any Smallville kids, so the Legion was his only chance for real friends, but hasn't that been covered before?

All told though, there isn't much here. The lack of a strong antagonist in the story is hurting my interest.

Gary Frank is a great artist, but I'm not sure he's the right fit for a book with so many kids in it. The youth in this story look very weird, with odd proportions and weird expressions. But then again, I suppose that really is what it is like being a teenager, isn't it? Maybe he's getting it right after all.



Jeff said...

Is it me or does his Clark have no upper lip? I mean, some people have a very thin upper lip, but his appears to have been surgically removed.

Mart said...

Yeah, dull issue as Geoff Johns takes away the lunacy of the Legion's first appearance and replaces it with nothing - the Founders simply show up and befriend Clark.