Monday, November 23, 2009

Invincible #68

Dinosaurus! Dinosaurus is strong! Dinosaurus is cruel! Dinosaurus cares about the environment and is very long-winded! Huh. I wasn't expecting that last one. Kirkman always loves giving his characters logical motivations, and giving a gigantic red dinosaur in metal pants a motivating concern for the environment certainly fits the bill. I'm happy the Guardians of the Globe (now led by Brit) showed up when they did or we might have lost our new villain already. This is a catch-up issue as we check in on Young Omni-Man (Oliver looking quite a bit older), the sequids (they are ready to invade!), and Conquest (Cecil made a big boo-boo keeping him alive). The relationship between Invincible and Atom Eve gets quite a few pages too, including a very uncomfortable talk between Eve's Dad and Invincible. Surely there aren't people like this still in the world, that guy was awful!

The big news of the issue is, of course, the cliffhanger. I'm not going to spoil it here, but it could lead the series in a very interesting direction depending on how Kirkman plays it. Ok, I'll give you a clue; we thought Kirkman was taking life from Eve, but he's actually doing the opposite...

Oh Ryan Ottley, how I missed your sharp, cartoony style and great character designs. Never leave us again.


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