Friday, November 27, 2009

Invincible Iron Man #20

Ah Tony Stark, when written by Matt Fraction, you really do come across as a futurist. Stark predicted and planned for everything that has happened since Dark Reign started, and are any of us really surprised? A good half of this issue involves a hologram message from Stark talking to his allies. I love that he lays out all the options on how they can save them, but then gives them the chance to determine whether or not they want to bring him back. And best of all, Stark makes no apologies for the things he's done. Fraction does a great job balancing the attitude of a man who is never wrong with a guy who still wants his friends to like him. It's quite an accomplishment that so many pages of what is essentially a letter come across so powerfully.
There is some weird subplot running where Osborn is calling off the goons, having them leave Stark in a coma. (Note that Basilisk and Death Adder are both at the table. I guess some of the resurrected goons from Punisher are sticking around.) Madame Masque isn't cool with Tony getting off the hook and so she's pointing the Ghost in Stark's direction, but with the Ghost being one of the "better" good guys these days, I'm curious what he'll do. This next chapter of Stark's redemption looks like it should be pretty interesting with all these heroes and villains hanging around.

Salvador Larroca doesn't have a lot to work with this issue, drawing a lot of panels of a hologram. Through strong facial expressions, it still works, but I would like more action. Larroca's take on Death Adder is just weird, he has a beak! (This is new spelling for Larroca's name, right?)


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