Saturday, November 21, 2009

Deadpool #17

I wish I didn't like this issue. I've been ranting about how I'm sick of Deadpool, but I guess I'm really just sick of Deadpool in certain types of stories. Daniel Way wisely lets the X-Men take the lead in this story, with Cyclops and Domino taking the lead in trying to keep Deadpool under control. With DP set up as a comedic force of nature like this, it is hard not to like him. Mercury's father is still manipulating the media (at Norman Osborn's request) into thinking that the X-Men are evil and out to get him. Of course, they're not, except that Deadpool is. And Deadpool is wearing his brand-new X-Man costume! Domino uses some trickery (and flirting) to try and take DP out of action, but she balks when she thinks Cyclops wants DP killed. Of course, after she frees DP it turns out that was never the plan, but it is far too late. Deadpool is back on the hunt for the loudmouth deadbeat Dad. Way has a good handle of Domino, she's really likeable and is actually a perfect handler for Deadpool. Cyclops comes across as a control freak who doesn't realize who he's dealing with, which is actually probably pretty accurate.

This is the best Deadpool title on the stands, without a doubt. While most of the books are drowning in bad jokes at the expense of real characterization, Way is bringing us stories that actually add to Deadpool's mythos while still being true to Deadpool's silliness.

Paco Medina's cartoony style is still a great fit for the Deadpool joke material, and he's doing a surprisingly good job on the X-Men. They do lean a bit on the cartoony side, but their figures have a more classic comic look to them that helps sell the overall story. Nicely done.



Artillery MKV said...

Deadpool in this context is all the lements you like about classic Booster Gold/Blue Beetle with fewer social filters engaged . . .

Adrian said...

It's been a long time since I've read Deadpool. I first saw him in Cable way back. I'm surprised at his popularity, he seemed like a light weight when he first appeared. Now, he's one of the funny guys.