Thursday, November 26, 2009

Modern Warfare: Ghost #1

I usually love David Lapham's work, but he commits one of my biggest pet peeves in this premiere issue. The book opens with Ghost being interrogated in Russia. Ghost offers to spend the next few minutes telling his captors about the best special ops guy he knew (the "dead" SAS officer is actually Riley's previous identity). The story jumps to years past in Mexico, when Riley was working on busting a crime boss for the US Govt. Then the big problem. The story jumps back AGAIN to a previous point. So we've got a flashback within a flashback. It is lazy storytelling. This isn't that complicated a story so I don't think the convoluted timeline is necessary. Lapham also spends a lot of time with fairly generic banter amongst Riley's team. These guys aren't really important to CoD, so I wasn't that interested in what was happening. In fact, I'd argue that the comic doesn't really capture the frantic, high-stakes spirit of CoD: Modern Warfare 2. I want to see Ghost, MacTavish, Roach, and the rest kicking butt with high tech gear. I'm sure that is coming, most likely in the modern part of the story, but there is too much dancing around to get there.

Kevin West's pencils are clear enough, but everyone looks very similar. I do like the use of face-paint to give Riley his first death's head look. I would like a little more emphasis on guns and equipment. That's such an important part of the game, I think it should be more front and center in the comic.


BTW: I'd give the new CoD an Excellent rating. It is tons of fun. If anyone wants to get on X-Box live, leave me a comment and we can exchange gamer tags.

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